Ultimate Game Show


The  Ultimate Game Show combines the best features of the most popular game shows. Our format blends jeopardy-type questioning, with “millionaire-like” drama and a hilarious “weakest-team” program. Groups as small as 15 and as large as 400 have enjoyed this fun-filled program, designed to help your team communicate while having a great time!


Complete with podiums, back lit scoreboards, individual microphones, and lockout buttons, our Emcee will ask verbal and audio questions, develop interactive contests and develop a team spirit. Players will be asked questions, and the quickest to answer with the correct response will be awarded points. Our questions can also be tailored to fit your company's core goals and objectives, so it can be a great asset to information retention for corporate meetings. We have multiple game podium arrangements, as well as specialized packages that add great value to the program as a whole, adding in music and lights!


With the addition of customized questions, employee information retention will improve, and teams and individuals will be able to come together both competitively and cooperatively.