Team Escape The Room

You and your team of company experts have just learned that a large scale security breach has just infiltrated the internal workings of your organization. The security breach can be stopped before the data is stolen, but your team must determine three pieces of information in order to neutralize the threat before the download is complete in 90 minutes. Your team has infiltrated the headquarters of the shadowy cabal and will have to follow the clues they’ve left behind in order to determine the necessary information.

The whole group will need to split up into smaller groups, and each team will be responsible for a particular piece of information. In order to complete this mission, the entire organization must work cohesively. Every member of the team will bring something to the table as you attempt to locate the three key elements necessary to stop the download. What is the name of the group responsible for the hack, where is the hack taking place, and when will the data be transferred? Once this information is determined in 90 minutes or less, the team will be successful. Good luck!

Teams will participate in a variety of team building tasks with minimal instruction to encourage creative problem solving. As the teams complete four to five unique challenges in small groups, they will come together to work in one larger “meta” group to complete a challenge which will bring the whole group back together in one final effort to unite their work and ultimately complete the challenge. Only through their cooperation and individual contributions will the mission be a success.

Team Escape The Room can easily be customized to fit your organization's core objectives and tie into your event's theme.