Photo Scavenger Hunt 


Our Photo Scavenger Hunt program takes teams of 6 to 15 people and gives them a list of different items and stunts to find and complete. Your teams will be taking pictures and recording their actions with instant cameras. This program works extremely well in helping employees form lasting bonds and also helps with their cooperation skills.


Players will be divided into teams and sent out into certain territories. The territory can be as small as the hotel the group is visiting and as large as a city block. Each Team receives a Fuji Camera, packages of Fuji Film, a sealed metal folder, a Hunt program and a Team Token. After a brief introduction, the Teams are off! Teams will be graded on the creativity of their photos, and are free to combine prompts and challenges together in order to earn more points. This is a chance to showcase your creativity!


At the end of the Hunt, Teams receive personalized medals of merit and are presented with the photos taken during the program. Themes set the tone for each Hunt and we always attempt to inject a bit of informative and historical information about the territory the group has traveled. The group then walks away not only with some historical knowledge, but better communication skills as well.