An event that focuses on creative construction, our Pipeline program brings employees together for an exercise in communication and teamwork. Your group will be tasked with sending a ping pong ball from the starting point of the pipeline to the ending point using gravity and other miscellaneous materials. Watch your group celebrate as they successfully run the ball through the structure and overcome challenges along the way!


You are given a “plot of floor”, criteria for building , a theme for your pipeline section, and materials to construct your portion of the pipeline. The materials at your disposal include scissors, cardboard, tape, PVC, paper, foam tubes & much more! Responsibilities will be divided up among employees within a specified area in order to successfully create your pipeline section. The Project Manager for each section will arrange the crew into various departments to create the pipeline section and to strategically overcome time obstacles and challenges along the way! Creativity, ingenuity, preparation, and attention to detail all go into this program.


Our Emcee will conclude the program with a Q&A session in order to discuss what worked well and what was not successful along the way. Music will be provided, and medals will be awarded to the top teams!