Build Your Own Mini Golf


An event that focuses on creative construction, our Mini Golf program brings employees together for an exercise in communication and teamwork. You will be able to see the physical fruits of your labor!


You are given a “plot of floor”, criteria for building a golf hole, a theme for your golf hole, a method of earning “green bucks” necessary to buy materials to construct a golf hole. The materials at your disposal include felt, cardboard, tape, PVC, paper, foam tubes & much more! Green Bucks can be earned through Puzzles & Brain Teasers. Responsibilities will be divided up among employees. The Project Manager for each hole will arrange the crew into various departments to create the hole: Departments for Design, Building, Finance and Marketing represent the core of each team. Creativity, ingenuity, preparation and attention to detail all go into this program.


Fulfill your company's core objectives by providing a fun activity that allows employees to have fun and build core strengths at the same time!